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The pic is a portkey to the site!!

Christmas R-O-A-K

Just when I thought my present opening days were over, what should appear in my mailbox...

this fabulous roak.  Thanks so much to Astrid Cloveleaf for this Christmas Surprise.  It truly is the season for little miracles.

Slacking off...

I finally got the post up that I promised a few days ago, showing off my kit from Jade Bladvak, as well as the bookmarks I got from Antonio Dela Weasley! :D (Or you can go see it on my exclusively Hermione blog...)

Dueling Club Awards

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Dueling Club, Miss Violette Black of Slytherin and Miss Emma Wigworthy of Ravenclaw.

Emma's owl arrived late Friday night and left a great package. Take a look at my blog to see all the goodies I got.
Thanks Emma

Nemesis has landed

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley's owl Nemesis arrived yesterday with the most wonderful package for me. Check out my blog for details! Thank you Andromeda. I love it!

The Owl Has Landed

Bella Shacklebolt's owl finally got here after an almost a month flight. I have pics on my blog.

Dueling Club FINALS!

Ok, duelers. Welcome to the dueling club FINALS! Best of luck to all of you!

As a reminder, here are the match ups for the final round:
Ravenclaw Emma Wigworthy vs Hufflepuff Draco Firewalker (Hats)
Slytherin Lily of Flitwick vs Slytherin Violette Black (Socks)

So, without further adieu, here are the patterns:

Henry Longstaff's of owl has landed. I won't be able to open the package until I actually get to taiwan, so there's no link to pictures, but I just wanted to inform all parties that would be concerned!

Thanks Henry!!

Between the holiday travel and waiting for batteries to charge and forgetting that batteries have been charged, I have finally posted pictures of both my spoiler's package and my RAOK package. Check them out!!!

Okay, everyone! Sorry for the delay. I was away from the house the entire day and didn't get a chance to make this announcement earlier.

We all know the Quidditch Winners, but if you've forgotten I will refresh your memories.

Round One
Enid Black of Slytherin House

Round Two
Agatha Vablatsky of Ravenclaw House

Round Three
Lavender Acklery of Hufflepuff House

Prizes for the Quidditch winners are still to be determined based on the number of donations that we receive.

Now, on to the other prizes!

Best Kit
Lizzie Wychwood

House Awards

Godric Award
Victoria Pettigrew

Helga Award

Rowena Award
Patonga Pinkstone & Emma Wigworthy

Salazar Award
Argentia Pascal

The Owl Made It!

The Headmistress's owl has been waiting for me! I'm so glad he didn't fly away. Come see what he brought from Miss Wartbobble!

Dueling Club Grand Finale!

We have made it to the final round of the dueling club! Congratulations to our finalists!

Ravenclaw Emma Wigworthy and Hufflepuff Draco Firewalker will be dueling in the final round of the hat bracket. Slytherin Lily of Flitwick will face Slytherin Violette Black in the grand finale of the sock bracket.

Here are the materials each of you will require:

Hat Bracket (Knitting)

The knit hat will require a skein (less than 400 yards) of fingering weight yarn (yes, fingering weight … in the hat bracket). I believe you can do it with approximately 200 yards, but you might want to have extra on hand, just in case. You will also be using US 3 (3.25 mm – DPNs and/or 16” circular) knitting needles, or size to obtain gauge. Tools include a yarn needle and stitch marker. The gauge is listed as 32 stitches and 48 rows is 4” in stockinette stitch on US 3 needles. However, you can change the size of your hat by adding or removing pattern repeats.

Sock Bracket (Knitting)

The sock knitters will require approximately 450 yards of fingering weight sock yarn (closer to 600 yards for larger sizes). You will also be using US 0 (2.0 mm) double pointed needles (or size needed for gauge – set of five needles) and/or a US 0 (2.0 mm) circular needle, if you prefer magic loop. You will also need a yarn needle and stitch markers. The gauge is listed as 40 stitches and 58 rows is 4” in stockinette stitch on US 0 needles.


Once again, you will have to contact your partner to get their address, sizing information and color preferences.

The patterns will be posted on the HSKS6 blog THIS Friday, December 5th at noon CST. Best of luck to all of our finalists!

Unfortunately, you have to wait just a little bit longer. Just a couple of hours, though. My work schedule was changed at work unexpectedly, so I just got home, but have to leave in less than 5 minutes to take my daughter to basketball practice. The announcement will be made about 6 p.m. PST. Sorry that you had to wait throughout the day for the announcement.

I got my kit! Come see!

Dudes, I got THE best kit ever from Elladora Madley. It came all the way to New Jersey from China (her poor owl, Hooty, was pooped!) and is unbelievable!! Can't I PLEASE submit it for Best Kit? Is it really too late? Come see at my blog!

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