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Christmas R-O-A-K

Just when I thought my present opening days were over, what should appear in my mailbox...

this fabulous roak.  Thanks so much to Astrid Cloveleaf for this Christmas Surprise.  It truly is the season for little miracles.

Slacking off...

I finally got the post up that I promised a few days ago, showing off my kit from Jade Bladvak, as well as the bookmarks I got from Antonio Dela Weasley! :D (Or you can go see it on my exclusively Hermione blog...)

Dueling Club Awards

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Dueling Club, Miss Violette Black of Slytherin and Miss Emma Wigworthy of Ravenclaw.

Emma's owl arrived late Friday night and left a great package. Take a look at my blog to see all the goodies I got.
Thanks Emma

Nemesis has landed

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley's owl Nemesis arrived yesterday with the most wonderful package for me. Check out my blog for details! Thank you Andromeda. I love it!

The Owl Has Landed

Bella Shacklebolt's owl finally got here after an almost a month flight. I have pics on my blog.

Dueling Club FINALS!

Ok, duelers. Welcome to the dueling club FINALS! Best of luck to all of you!

As a reminder, here are the match ups for the final round:
Ravenclaw Emma Wigworthy vs Hufflepuff Draco Firewalker (Hats)
Slytherin Lily of Flitwick vs Slytherin Violette Black (Socks)

So, without further adieu, here are the patterns:

Henry Longstaff's of owl has landed. I won't be able to open the package until I actually get to taiwan, so there's no link to pictures, but I just wanted to inform all parties that would be concerned!

Thanks Henry!!

Between the holiday travel and waiting for batteries to charge and forgetting that batteries have been charged, I have finally posted pictures of both my spoiler's package and my RAOK package. Check them out!!!

Okay, everyone! Sorry for the delay. I was away from the house the entire day and didn't get a chance to make this announcement earlier.

We all know the Quidditch Winners, but if you've forgotten I will refresh your memories.

Round One
Enid Black of Slytherin House

Round Two
Agatha Vablatsky of Ravenclaw House

Round Three
Lavender Acklery of Hufflepuff House

Prizes for the Quidditch winners are still to be determined based on the number of donations that we receive.

Now, on to the other prizes!

Best Kit
Lizzie Wychwood

House Awards

Godric Award
Victoria Pettigrew

Helga Award

Rowena Award
Patonga Pinkstone & Emma Wigworthy

Salazar Award
Argentia Pascal

The Owl Made It!

The Headmistress's owl has been waiting for me! I'm so glad he didn't fly away. Come see what he brought from Miss Wartbobble!

Dueling Club Grand Finale!

We have made it to the final round of the dueling club! Congratulations to our finalists!

Ravenclaw Emma Wigworthy and Hufflepuff Draco Firewalker will be dueling in the final round of the hat bracket. Slytherin Lily of Flitwick will face Slytherin Violette Black in the grand finale of the sock bracket.

Here are the materials each of you will require:

Hat Bracket (Knitting)

The knit hat will require a skein (less than 400 yards) of fingering weight yarn (yes, fingering weight … in the hat bracket). I believe you can do it with approximately 200 yards, but you might want to have extra on hand, just in case. You will also be using US 3 (3.25 mm – DPNs and/or 16” circular) knitting needles, or size to obtain gauge. Tools include a yarn needle and stitch marker. The gauge is listed as 32 stitches and 48 rows is 4” in stockinette stitch on US 3 needles. However, you can change the size of your hat by adding or removing pattern repeats.

Sock Bracket (Knitting)

The sock knitters will require approximately 450 yards of fingering weight sock yarn (closer to 600 yards for larger sizes). You will also be using US 0 (2.0 mm) double pointed needles (or size needed for gauge – set of five needles) and/or a US 0 (2.0 mm) circular needle, if you prefer magic loop. You will also need a yarn needle and stitch markers. The gauge is listed as 40 stitches and 58 rows is 4” in stockinette stitch on US 0 needles.


Once again, you will have to contact your partner to get their address, sizing information and color preferences.

The patterns will be posted on the HSKS6 blog THIS Friday, December 5th at noon CST. Best of luck to all of our finalists!

Unfortunately, you have to wait just a little bit longer. Just a couple of hours, though. My work schedule was changed at work unexpectedly, so I just got home, but have to leave in less than 5 minutes to take my daughter to basketball practice. The announcement will be made about 6 p.m. PST. Sorry that you had to wait throughout the day for the announcement.

I got my kit! Come see!

Dudes, I got THE best kit ever from Elladora Madley. It came all the way to New Jersey from China (her poor owl, Hooty, was pooped!) and is unbelievable!! Can't I PLEASE submit it for Best Kit? Is it really too late? Come see at my blog!

Polls are closed

Polls are closed.

Best Kit Award to be announced by Mistress Wartbobble!
Thank you for voting!!


I don't know why the large font makes my blog posts look all wonky.
Please click me to go to the HSKS Best Kits site to vote.

Thank you!

Time runs out tonight to vote for HSKS Best Kit!!

Please go vote!!

Owl Received

I got my owl from Enid Black today now I need some batteries and or day light.
I might get some sidekick pictures tomorrow

Owls Everywhere!

I got my package from Petunia Crookshanks. It is amazing! Come over here and check it out!

Here is a little preview...

Advent Cheer!

I have received another wonderful package from Emma Gorodok. This one has a lovely Christmas theme. Pictures and details at my blog.

My package from my spoiler Madam Ferula McGonagall arrived! Come check out pics on my blog!

Selena's Owl has landed!

I'm late in posting this, but if you know me, that won't suprise you! An amazing package arrived from Selena's owl a little over a week ago...

To check out the rest of this amazing package visit my blog!

A very Spoiled Slytherin!!

Boy did I ever get SPOILED!!  Thank you Clio Trelawney!  Not only did she make me a beautiful bag (check out the gorgeous emerald lining) she got me a new wand, colorful stitch markers, beautiful green and silver yarn, chewy candy, tea, pear lotion (too bad the internet is not scratch and sniff yet, it smells nummy!), needles and "Such a Slytherin" sock pattern!!  Thank you so much.  Please check out the pics on my blog !!!

Thank you Clio!

The owl is here...

... finally the owl arrived with a package from Morag to little miss me...
Pictures and everything can be found here...

I'm loving it!!!

And by the way... SOAR RAVENCLAW

Peace Out!

My kit.

I have been spoiled silly by Ms Daisy Roizer.

Come and see

Thank YOU oh so very much for the lovey goodies.

On my blog now

Pictures up!

Pictures of my kit from Angelina are now up on my blog! Thank you again, Angelina! Everything is amazing!!!

Another owl lands

I received a fabulous parcel today which arrived in super quick time from the U.S.
He is one tired owl from carrying so many wonderful things so speedily. I'll post pictures tomorrow as it is really late here now.
Thank you so much Electra, it is wonderful

Awesome Owl Post!

My package arrived when I got home from work today! I haven't opened it yet, due to having to leave to run errands (stupid Thanksgiving recipes!!!!!), but check out my blog later tonight to see pictures and details about what the package contains! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

Thank you Angelina!

Go to the HSKS Best Kits Blog for Voting!

I got my kit yesterday form the post office (Although it arrived on sat) and It is wonderfull!

Thanks so much to Cassandra Ze Horrid, I love it all!

(And now I will post on my journal)

Owl Post!

A very lovely owl brought me a very lovely package. Check it out!

You all simply can not believe how cool it is to get Beax Batons stuff. I'm just impressed beyond words.

thank you very much to mlle Prendolyn Wilcox. You are fabulous!

It has landed

Oh yes indeed! My parcel from Anna Meriweather touched down a few days ago. To see all the goodies in situ, come over to my blog!!

A huge thank you to Anna, love everything! I love being the object of obvious stalking!

The Owl Has Landed!

I receive a beautiful kit from Belladonna Boomslang.  For more
pictures see my blog.

Arriana Stylos

Olive Bumblebirch's owl Puck has arrived at the Ackerly house!

Wanna see what's inside? Click here :)

After some sleuthing, I figured out the below link from Belladonna Boomslang

It is meant to go to THIS BLOG...

Chrysta the Cursed, please let me know ASAP if you have pics of the kit you sent so that I can add them to the Best Kits Blog.
Thank you!

The owl has landed!

I have no idea just exactly how Chyrsta is Cursed, but whatever it is, it certainly does not get in the way of a fantastic swap package!

See my blog for a description.

Best kit!

Check out my blog for the best kit ever from Ophelia Ballycastle! Thank you so much, I love everything!

Thank you Penelope Caerphilly!!! Orpheus found his way to me last week with all your goodies! How amazing!!! How did you know what I needed!? Blog post coming soon...

A twinkle-eyed Owl dropped off my kit from Andi Tonks of Ravenclaw and all I can say is Wow! Photos to be posted on my blog (soon) !

Thanks so much Andi!!

Daisy just dropped by.

I've just received a wonderful collection of goodies from Amethyst Aurag of Ravenclaw. And Amethyst may not know this, but her cats did a little sneaking around on their own, and sent a nice package to my doggies. So they're very happy today.

Thank you, Amethyst!

See everything on my blog.

Hi everyone!

The owls continue to land and be blogged about, but we are still missing several kits from all four houses... please take a moment to check out the HSKS Best Kits blog and see if yours is accounted for.

Also, check out some of your fellow Hogwartians' kits... the generosity and creativity of our students is wonderful!!

Let me know ASAP if you have any questions, a missing kit, etc.
Thank you!

Owl arrived!

A few days ago I got a lovely package from Arriana Stylos.  I apologize for my lateness on posting this - Blogger absolutely didn't want to upload my photos, but finally I got that worked out!  To see more photos of my fantastic package, check out my blog...Aurora Curlyfur.

check it out!!

I got the most amazing package from my pal Fleur. Thanks so much for everything!!! You made my day! Check out my blog for more details!

I just got my fab package from Lavender Ollivander! All the juicy details are over at my blog! Ok, I'm gonna ask a dorky question, but is that sock yarn? Actually I don't care what kind of yarn it is! It's awesome! Thanks Lavender!

I received my kit this afternoon via Owl Post from Agatha Vablatsky. I love it! Definitely being nominated for Best Kit!

Here's a sneak peek with loads more pictures over at
my blog.

Thanks again!!

My Kit Arrived!

It actually arrived awhile ago, but I was having some trouble with my muggle camera. But its all better now and there are pictures of the kit I received on my blog. I was truly spoiled by Ms Morgana Black!

A Very Large Thank You!

I want to Thank our Head Mistress and All her
Helpers for making this a fabulous swap

And oh, what a package did he deliver! I'm surprised he could actually carry it, it was so heavy. It's much too dark to take pictures right now, unfortunately, but I will try to do so tomorrow so you can all see how lucky I am. :D

Thank you so much, Ceciley!

I was finally able to upload pictures of my scarf kit this morning on my blog.

Here's a teaser but for the rest, see my blog post :)

Thanks again to Millicent Brocklehurst!

A Package for Brent

Today, through awful wind and weather,
An owl flew in far from her nest -
Exhausted, limp, and torn of feather,
I brought her in so she could rest.
But seconds after her alightment
I almost died from sheer excitement,
For then I saw the package she
Had carried was addressed to me!
My spoiler's package! Yes! Fantastic!
I grabbed a knife and made a start
At pulling the whole box apart,
Then reconsidered - no, too drastic.
I'll grab my camera, take it slow,
And make a little video.

(Blog entry here).

An Owl Has Landed!

Here's a teaser photo of the WONDERFUL package sent to me by Violette Black of Slytherin House! Go to To see the whole she-bang in all its glory.

Friday, November 21, is the last day of the swap. Whoever hasn't sent in their tracking #'s to their Head Girls should be doing so today.

If you are not able to get your package mailed by the due date, please communicate this with your Head Girl and your spoilee. These steps are very, very important to possibly remaining in good standing as an HSKS swapper.

A Few More Things
The swap is over, but there will still be activity on this blog for a few more weeks as owls fly hither and thither. The Dueling Club is still going on and the HSKS awards will be announced in about a week or so. The number of prizes that we give out depend on the number of angel kit/prize donations that we've received. We also have to wait to see how many angel kits will be needed.

Thank you to everyone for participating in another awesome swap!!!
The schedule of HSKS 7 is below:

Sign ups will Begin:
Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Sign ups will Close:
Friday, January 30th

Last Day to Send will be:
Friday, May 1st

Be watching this blog and the Ravelry forum for updates.

I saw this super buff owl heading my way with a huge package. My package arrived, my package arrived!!!! Hermione Bagnold is just sooo awesome, what a great kit.

A day late, but as promised the House Cup plaque. Once again, many congrats to Ravenclaw :)

My kit from Megaera Black came yesterday while I was at a Weird Sisters concert with my parents, and it was waiting for me when I got back. What a great surprise it was!

Here's a taste of the awesome:

Then click over to my blog to see the rest! Thanks Meg!

Angel Kit/Prize Reminder

HSKS6 is unfortunately coming to an end. This term has been, without a doubt, the best yet at Hogwarts. I hope everyone has had fun and will be coming back for HSKS7.

I'd like to remind everyone of the continuing need for contributions to angel kits/prizes. Of course, we aren't anticipating actually needing angel kits, right? Right? I prefer to think that we're just going to need prizes.

If you are able to help out with items for angel kits/prizes, I would appreciate receiving your contributions by the end of November. We are in need of all of the elements of an swap kit plus other fun goodies. A suggestion was made that a yarn and pattern could be substituted for an actual knit item. Please PM or email me for the address where to send the items, or if you have any questions about what is still needed. All contributions will be appreciated, particularly by those who will receive them.

My own spoilee kit arrived today from wonderful LavDD!!

Please come take a look at my blog for all the sweet details!

Thank you so much Lav! You've spoiled me rotten!!


Owl arrival.

Oh, my, I am a very spoiled 'Claw today. An owl came to visit while I was at work. Check out my blog for pictures. Wisty, you are amazing. You squirreled out things about me I didn't know you could! I love the bag (and so does my cat, Pepper. I keep finding him on it.)

Is everyone ready for the semi-final hat duel? Dueling in this semi-final round are Hufflepuff Elladora Madley versus Ravenclaw Emma Wigworthy and Slytherin Ophelia Crookshanks versus Hufflepuff Draco Firewalker. Good luck everyone!

Semi-final Hat Round Pattern:

Foliage (Worsted Weight Hat)
Foliage (Worsted Weight Hat), Ravelry Link

Note: Since this is the semi-final round and supposed to be more challenging, you will be knitting the worsted weight version of the hat (and NOT the bulky).

Okay, everyone! This was really, really close. Three separate houses found the Snitch during this term. That has never happened before! The percentages below are cumulative and include weekly participation points, all three Quidditch matches, the Snitch bonuses, 100% participation bonuses, and a bonus for mailing early and sending tracking #.

1st Place & HSKS House Cup


2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

I will post the winner's plaque a little bit later tonight. Congratulations!

Thank you to all the witches and wizards who have posted blogs and photographs of your received kits!! As of now, about 1/3 of the kits have found their way to their destinations.

Please let me know if your kit is not listed on the HSKS Best Kits blog and you know that it has been received. You can catch me via the email on the left bar, on Rav or comment here, or on my own blog... I'll find it one way or another.
Thank you!
Bevin Rae

Wanna see the most spoiled girl in the Swap?

LOOK AT MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!

Enna Kirts - Slytherin House

Rufus is having trouble posting to the HSKS6 blog, but he emailed me this photo of his completed wristwarmers:

Sorry Centy... we were rooting for you

A very tired owl dropped off my package from Ophelia. After pampering the dear I explored the box. All the details and more pics on my blog.

Owl Post

Minevra Kwikspell sent me the most wonderful package last week, and I have been so busy this is the first chance I've gotten to post about it. For a better look come check out my blog. Thank you so much Minee.. I love it!!

I was spoiled rotten!

Thank you Antonio!!! I got a fantastic package! Come see what I got on my blog !!!!!!

A duel of honor

Have you seen Rufus's blog lately? He's been posting rude comments about Centy.  Well, yesterday she finally snapped!  Centy stormed into the Hufflepuff Common Room and challenged Rufus to a duel.

The Weapons:

Good luck Centy and Rufus, er, well, good luck Centy!  Sorry Rufus, but I don't think anybody really likes you after the dungbomb cluster you set off in the Hufflepuff girls' dormitory.

For this duel, the winner will be the first person to post a photo of their completed wristwarmers on this blog.  Why should the Postal Service determine the winner when we're really looking for the fastest knitter?  

Preferably a photo of them being worn, but Rufus if you are to scared to show your face then just your hands are fine.

Come and See!

Come and see my final package from Victoria Pettigrew

Another HP Trailer!

Some new stuff combined with the ending scene of the last one, all in hi-res -- enjoy!!

Belated Birthday Wishes

To Madam Ferula McGonagall!!!

I hope you had a fantastic day!

Hogwarts Elite

With Winnie's permission, I'm here to advertise my favorite Live Journal community.

Hogwarts Elite. Join it. We're elite, dollies. :P

- ♥ Mary // Third Year Hufflepuff // Hufflepuff Quidditch Beater // Shop Keeper // Stamped Narcissa Malfoy // Team Bellatrix; Death Eater, Term 15

Note: Please please please take your time on the applications! If you don't have a LiveJournal account, you will need to wait at least one month after creating a journal before submitting your application (to ensure that you are not a troll-applicant). That gives you plenty of time to really go in depth with your answers! We only accept the best of the best, and if you get Squibbed you may not re-apply. It's a really great community that is highly active and fun to hang out at when Ravelry isn't doing it for 'ya and there aren't any HSKS going on.

H_E offers Hogsmeade Weekends (great big contest weekends), Diagon Alley (shops where you can get graphics!), Quidditch (with a team for each house!), The Daily Prophet (where you can post your writing and art!), and much, much more!

This term we are doing the race for the house cup slightly differently. If you are sorted into a house, you will also randomly be placed on one of the ten teams of Death Eaters and Order Members. Instead of earning house points, we are creating and destroying Horcruxes. Epic battles are epic, and there is great fun to be had all around.

Look through past applications that have been accepted to get a feel for what we're looking for, and take a peek at a few Squibbed applications to see what we aren't looking for. Also, please please please DON'T write one sentence answers! It will tell you in the rules for applying that imagine there is "and WHY" after each question! Use the Lexicon to help you out if you think your canon knowledge is rusty! Back up your answers! As much as I love you all and as much as I love Draco Malfoy, please don't pick him as your favorite character if you're going to go on about how hot he is and that's why he's a damned good literary figure. Explain why he feels the need to hole himself away from everyone because of the shit Voldemort throws at him (but explain it in a proper way, please.), justify him as a literary character. (Note: fangirling in general doesn't look good on our applications.) Also, DO NOT mix up the House Traits! Your best bet is to just stick to the sorting hat song. You can get creative with your answer, just don't leave out major traits and don't assign traits to other Houses! (Ie: Gryffindors CAN be loyal, but that is a Hufflepuff trait. Hufflepuffs CAN be chivalrous, but that is a Gryffindor trait.)

Go into depth in the personal answers! If you just can't write one more sentence of canon, write twice as much in your personal section! The personal questions are there to help us really get a feel for which house you belong in. Ie: I'm a Hufflepuff because I'm beyond selfless, I'm a leader, I'm very goal-oriented and hard working [I work 2 jobs and go to college], and I'm just about the most loyal person you'll ever meet.)

I honestly believe that sorting communities are the truest way to see what your house is/should be. The quizzes on the internet are made by fangirls and are extremely lacking in canon information and follow fanon (fangirl canon) or follow the serious misconceptions, such as Slytherins eat puppies for breakfast and Hufflepuffs are retarded pushovers which is WRONG. (Sorry, I get very testy about these misconceptions, as I am a Slytherpuff) At Hogwarts Elite we pride ourselves on our canon knowledge and we truly sort the best. Remember the Sorting Hat's song, and happy sorting!

So join, apply, and have fun! You will ALL fit in there, that's why I'm telling you about this!!!!

Tell them Platformnine sent you! I get points if you name me as your referral :3 And I get even more points if you put this banner in your application: (url: )

Thanks Suzie Weasley for the assist!!!

Huzzah Hufflepuff!

ETA the path to the snitch...

  • Well clues #1 and #2 didn't help much ;)
  • Fleur Dolohov posted clue #3 in the Hufflepuff common room when it was released, so we went to check out Wavelry's blog. 
  • Suzie Weasley found "The Snitch you seek is in the 1st of the 6th"
  • So first I checked Angelina Phoenixfire's blog and then I raced as fast as my slow wireless connection would allow to the first post of and there it was.

This was really a team effort by Hufflepuff. Thank you Fleur and Suzie for finding the crucial clues, and thanks Emma K, Antonio, and Lily for helping to search. Huzzah Hufflepuff!

It was touch and go there for a minute because I found out after a few minutes that my first clue needed blog owners approval before it could be seen!

So, many congratulations goes to Lavender Ackerly and to Hufflepuff House!!

Points will be tallied and posted by Tuesday at the latest.
Thanks, everyone!

Clue #3

Technical difficulties have hindered the first and second clues.


With the fourth thimble
All will Trimble
When the best House
Finds more than just a mouse!

2nd Clue

Griddle rhymes with Riddle

Riddle, Riddle, Riddle,

When you find the Snitch post the direct link here in the comments to this post.

Clue #1

And, so we come to the end
When Seekers have found
That which transcends

A few have crawled to their finds
A few have bolted
All have strengthen their minds

With a Riddle
The truth will be told
I just hope that we don't all get hit with the 3rd Griddle!!

Within the the poem above you will find the answers that you seek.

Soar Ravenclaw!!



Go git 'em Gryffindor!

The owl has landed.

Forgot to mention it here, on this blog, but wanted to let folks know that my package from Rowena Bladvak came in on the 12th! Pics up on my blog, and the best kit website. I have thoroughly enjoyed every piece of it! The blood pops are delicious and turn your mouth a fantastic shade of red and I've been wearing the hat around the house pretty much since opening the package :)

Thank you so much, Rowena!!

My owl left New York earlier today. Watch the skies for his arrival and your package of goodies!

My owl has arrived!

I have the BEST Pal! Thanks Lavender Ackerly for an amazing package.

More details on my blog here!

Angelina Phoenixfire

I had really, really good self-control and finished all of my homework before I opened my package. I even ate dinner before opening. lol Come check it out on my blog!

Attn: Ceciley Fortescue....

My wonderful owl, Lucky, is heading your way! He took off this afternoon heading straight for you.

Astrid Cloverleaf

Artimus Takes Flight

My eagle owl Artimus just left bearing a package for Electra the Enchanting. I am confident he will have no problems finding the village of Port Clinton, Artimus has never let me down.

In order to get to the dueling club finale as quickly as possible, we are going to start the semi-final sock round today. Dueling in this semi-final round are Ravenclaw Eugene Nigeno and Slytherin Lily of Flitwick. The winner of this semi-final sock round will face Slytherin Violette Black in the grand finale!

So, wands at the ready … and … GO!

Semi-final Sock Round Pattern:
Yukon Leaves
Yukon Leaves, Ravelry Link

MODIFICATION: Since this is the semi-final round and, thus, supposed to be more challenging, please carry the leaves pattern down the top of the foot instead of doing 100% stockinette (which is suggested in the pattern). In other words, the bottom of the foot will be stockinette as written but the top of the foot will continue the leaves pattern established on the cuff.

My Package Came!

It was sitting outside my door with a very tired looking owl on it. Apparently the owl tried to deliver yesterday, but no one was there to feed it, so it went hunting for the rest of the day. I guess the owl didn't find much though because it looked absolutely beat when I found it on my back porch. Well, I will post pictures later because I told myself I would be a good girl and get a sufficient amount of homework done before I could open my package. I am petting and feeding the owl before then though, so no worries!

HSKS6 Package 004
This is a picture of the beaded Gryffindor bag I got from Emma K. More on my blog.
Thank you Emma for everything it's all amazing!

Miss Olive Bumblebirch

Keep your eyes to the skies,
Listen for the flap of wings,
Orpheus flies,
With a package of many things!

I've sent Orpheus on the long trip across the states from East to West to spoil you rotten!

Owls owls everywhere!

You are all doing an excellent job of letting me know about your owls arriving with your kits!!

As long as my wee wizards are not causing magical mischief, I'll be adding links as you send them to me throughout the day.

The HSKS Best Kits blog was just updated this morning.

Has your kit arrived but the link is missing? Please let me know ASAP.

another owl arrived

Today arrived my package from Eugene Nigeno, he really did a great job in spoiling me - I love every single item in there.

If you want to see more pictures, have a look at my blog

A Day of Owls

Today was a day of many owls around Hogwarts. Not only did Sock come with a package from my house, but I also recieved a wonderful spoilee present from Dagmara Grindelwald of Gryffindor!!! You can see pictures on my blog entry here.

Now I'm waiting in anticipation that Prometheus doesn't bite Cassandra's fingers when he lands, though Mum did write to say I could borrow Sock to send the hat off for SPEW before he flies home.

Argentia S. Pascal
Slytherin <3

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