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Coming to a Close Soon

Hello, all!
We only have a few more weeks left of the last HSKS swap for 2008. This is now a very, very important time for you to be very communicative with your Prefects in letting them know about any communication problems that you might have with your spoilers/spoilees.

Checking Before You Send!
If you have not sent your package out yet, please, please check with your prefects or the prefect of your spoilee that they are in good standing - meaning that they have already sent their package or have been verbal about when it is going to be sent and that they have been responsive and participative in the swap. We are looking for anyone that needs to be dropped from the swap before it becomes too late to do so. We want to make sure that everyone will receive a package, and we especially want to make sure that we are not doing follow up well into December. So, please be kind to myself and the prefects in communicating if your spoiler has been amiss and, if you have not sent out your package yet, when you plan on doing so.


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