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Hogwarts Elite

With Winnie's permission, I'm here to advertise my favorite Live Journal community.

Hogwarts Elite. Join it. We're elite, dollies. :P

- ♥ Mary // Third Year Hufflepuff // Hufflepuff Quidditch Beater // Shop Keeper // Stamped Narcissa Malfoy // Team Bellatrix; Death Eater, Term 15

Note: Please please please take your time on the applications! If you don't have a LiveJournal account, you will need to wait at least one month after creating a journal before submitting your application (to ensure that you are not a troll-applicant). That gives you plenty of time to really go in depth with your answers! We only accept the best of the best, and if you get Squibbed you may not re-apply. It's a really great community that is highly active and fun to hang out at when Ravelry isn't doing it for 'ya and there aren't any HSKS going on.

H_E offers Hogsmeade Weekends (great big contest weekends), Diagon Alley (shops where you can get graphics!), Quidditch (with a team for each house!), The Daily Prophet (where you can post your writing and art!), and much, much more!

This term we are doing the race for the house cup slightly differently. If you are sorted into a house, you will also randomly be placed on one of the ten teams of Death Eaters and Order Members. Instead of earning house points, we are creating and destroying Horcruxes. Epic battles are epic, and there is great fun to be had all around.

Look through past applications that have been accepted to get a feel for what we're looking for, and take a peek at a few Squibbed applications to see what we aren't looking for. Also, please please please DON'T write one sentence answers! It will tell you in the rules for applying that imagine there is "and WHY" after each question! Use the Lexicon to help you out if you think your canon knowledge is rusty! Back up your answers! As much as I love you all and as much as I love Draco Malfoy, please don't pick him as your favorite character if you're going to go on about how hot he is and that's why he's a damned good literary figure. Explain why he feels the need to hole himself away from everyone because of the shit Voldemort throws at him (but explain it in a proper way, please.), justify him as a literary character. (Note: fangirling in general doesn't look good on our applications.) Also, DO NOT mix up the House Traits! Your best bet is to just stick to the sorting hat song. You can get creative with your answer, just don't leave out major traits and don't assign traits to other Houses! (Ie: Gryffindors CAN be loyal, but that is a Hufflepuff trait. Hufflepuffs CAN be chivalrous, but that is a Gryffindor trait.)

Go into depth in the personal answers! If you just can't write one more sentence of canon, write twice as much in your personal section! The personal questions are there to help us really get a feel for which house you belong in. Ie: I'm a Hufflepuff because I'm beyond selfless, I'm a leader, I'm very goal-oriented and hard working [I work 2 jobs and go to college], and I'm just about the most loyal person you'll ever meet.)

I honestly believe that sorting communities are the truest way to see what your house is/should be. The quizzes on the internet are made by fangirls and are extremely lacking in canon information and follow fanon (fangirl canon) or follow the serious misconceptions, such as Slytherins eat puppies for breakfast and Hufflepuffs are retarded pushovers which is WRONG. (Sorry, I get very testy about these misconceptions, as I am a Slytherpuff) At Hogwarts Elite we pride ourselves on our canon knowledge and we truly sort the best. Remember the Sorting Hat's song, and happy sorting!

So join, apply, and have fun! You will ALL fit in there, that's why I'm telling you about this!!!!

Tell them Platformnine sent you! I get points if you name me as your referral :3 And I get even more points if you put this banner in your application: (url: )


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