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Hufflepuff Quiz #4

This week's Hufflepuff Quiz is Mad Libs.  First, post a list of words to your blog by 5pm Eastern on Friday in order to be eligible for the House Prize.  A little bit after 5, I will post the mad-libs story for everyone to fill in with the words from their list.  Please post that part to your blog by midnight Sunday.  You need to post both the list and the filled in story to win.  Good luck!  I can't wait to see what people come up with for the answers.

One thing, you need to use a different word for each answer on the list for the story to make sense.

1. Name of a male professor at Hogwarts
2. A subject at Hogwarts
3. A prime number between 53 and 1000
4. A professor at Hogwarts (either gender)
5. A body part
6. A verb
7. Your character name
8. Your favorite Quidditch team
9. Someone (or someones) you'd find in a portrait at Hogwarts
10. A number between 1 and 7
11. 20 minus your answer for #10
12. A craft (noun)
13. A Hogwarts House other than Hufflepuff
14. Something they'd sell in Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes that makes a big mess, loud noise, lots of smoke, or general nuisance
15. The character name of another swapper in HSKS6
16. A subject at Hogwarts

I will post a sample on my blog.

Please note, copying another student's answers for this House Quiz is not permitted!!  And will result in detention or possibly something worse.


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