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Ravenclaw's Newest Resident

Welcome, Ravenclaws, to Hogwarts. Some of you may have noticed that we have a new resident here in Ravenclaw Tower. Yes, we have our own House Elf. She's quite shy, however, and I haven't been able to find out much about her. I don't think she even has a name! So my first challenge to you is to name our House Elf! Please post your suggestions to your blogs. We will have a House vote on the suggestions and a prize will go to the person who comes up with the winning name. Also..if anyone can find out anything about our House Elf, please fill us in.


She is adorable isn't she! I think we need to make sure she is well dressed this term too. ;)

September 12, 2008 at 7:08 AM  

She is soooo cute... love her ;)

September 12, 2008 at 7:20 AM  

Do you want our votes here, or pm'ed to you?

September 12, 2008 at 10:05 AM  

I think I've discovered her name... I posted a few tidbits on my blog. :-) Hettie

September 12, 2008 at 4:04 PM  

yeah we can make her some knitted garments. i hope she feels the same as dobby though maybe a little less self-abusive. :)

September 13, 2008 at 9:02 AM  

I've got a name suggestion, too. Do you want them here?


September 13, 2008 at 5:34 PM  

Post your suggestions to your blog. We'll make a list of all the suggestions and then vote on them. I do think our lovely little House Elf needs some lovely knitted things, don't you?

September 13, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

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